Roblox Promo Codes August 2022 – Working Codes for Roblox

Roblox Promo Codes August 2022 – Working Codes for Roblox

The last month of summer is a great excuse to snatch as much free stuff as possible and please yourself with gifts from the developers of the coolest game projects of Roblox. In order to save your time, we’re traditionally rolling out a selection of fresh promo codes available from the first day of August. We’d like to start the list of free joys with the Marvel New Journey superhero experience: they’ve added just a little bit of promo codes to it:

  • HAPPY20K – a code for 20,000 coins;
  • MOMUPDATE – code for 20 thousand coins;
  • ANDERSBIRTHDAY – code for 35 thousand coins.

Creators of Driving Empire playground threw in a bit of cash:

  • EMPIRE – 100 thousand coins;
  • MEMBERS – 65 thousand money;
  • VALENTINES – 30 thousand money;
  • C4N4D4 – Canada Day bonuses.

The developers of the Shindo Life online experience have rolled out a fat list of available promo codes, for which they are commended by all Roboxians:

  • rahwomen! – code for free spins;
  • Ragnaarr! – 100,000 RELL-coins and 500 spins;
  • Ragnarr! – 100k RELL-coins and 500 spins;
  • Ragnat! – 100 thousand RELL-coins and 500 spins;
  • muyHungerb0i! – code for RELL-coins and spins;
  • verryHungry! – code for RELL-coins and spins;
  • ShoyuBoyu! – code for RELL-coins and spins;
  • RamenShindai! – 99 spins;
  • RamenGuyShindai! – 30 thousand coins.

A solid set of bonuses and free features was presented by the owners of Super Speed Simulator:

  • NEWYEARSEVE2021 – code for 500 energy;
  • CHECKEREDFLAG – code for 250 energy;
  • TOPSPEED – code for 500 energy;
  • 1MVISITS – code for rebirth;
  • TOFUU – code for Tofuu pet;
  • TRENDPLAYZ – code for TrendPlayz pet;
  • IMPOSTER – code for Imposter pet;
  • CR1T1C4L – code for 25 energy;
  • RELEASE – code for 50 energy.

A number of freebies added to the game mechanics Demon Slayer RPG 2:

  • ! EpicRaceReset – code to reset the race;
  • ! EpicDemonArtReset – code to reset Demon Art;
  • ! EpicBreathingReset – reset Breathing;
  • ! EpicNichirinColorReset – Nichirin Color reset;
  • ! EpicEXPBoost – one hour XP boost.

To finish the selection we suggest promo codes for Gun Simulator – there you can raise money:

  • DARKMATTER – 200 thousand coins;
  • ILOVEGUNS – 200 thousand coins;
  • LookMomATwitter – 100 thousand coins;
  • JoinedDevvGames – 100 thousand coins;
  • THXFOR30000 – 300 thousand coins.


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