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BUY ZPARKIEZ BACKPACKBOYZ is a very fragrant and sweet-smelling bud. Many users have likened its aroma to a fruity and earthy grape smell. Despite the fruity aroma though, this bud tastes like lemons and pine. It can really relax the senses and put you in a deep sleep too, so it’s great for insomniacs.

buy ZPARKIEZ backpackboyz weed is a heavily indica-dominant hybrid that’s a cross of Valley Kush and Mendocino Purps. Back in 2014, the strain won third place at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in L.A. in the indica category. It was bred by the Cali Connection, and both parent strains are known for being reliable and potent indicas.


backpackboyz ZPARKIEZ is an extremely fragrant marijuana strain, which means it isn’t easy to hide it! You should get an earthy scent with a sweet grape smell that almost envelops the user as soon as the weed gets lit up. You may also get hints of pine and lemon.


If the aroma is tantalizing, the taste is mouthwatering. As well as the hints of pine and lemon, ZPARKIEZ offers earthy berry flavors that startle the taste buds. When exhaling, you may also get sweet and sour notes. Overall, you should experience a smoother smoke than you would on average from an Indica.


When you grow ZPARKIEZ in the right conditions, its buds have a delightful hint of purple. The buds themselves are fairly small, but the fresh and intense green color is a joy to behold. You will quickly know when you have low-quality ZPARKIEZ marijuana. The buds will be dry, lifeless with no hint of stickiness.

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