Mochi Nature Boyz

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Mochi Nature Boyz

Mochi Nature Boyz, Having a delightfully creamy taste, the indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain named Mochi emits a smell that’s reminiscent of vanilla Mochi and sweet candy. When ready for harvest, its buds are shaded in patches of light and dark green, with thin amber pistils

The THC content of Mochi one of nature boyz strains averages at 16%, with some crops reaping in at 22%. Its high is known to begin with sativa effects, slightly increasing creativity and focus while the indica effects slowly creep in. Muscles begin to numb, sedation kicks in, and appetite grows. The consumer will begin to feel lazy and sometimes sleepy. Reviewers have claimed this strain is great for relieving aches and pains, stress, and anxiety.

Negative effects of this strain include dry eyes and mouth, with some reviewers noting it can cause paranoia, dizziness, anxiousness or headache if consumed in high doses/improperly.

The high from Mochi comes on slowly, only hitting users about 10 to 15 minutes after ingestion. When it does arrive, users will feel a head-rush that may be accompanied by other facial sensations

Growers should expect a flowering time of eight to nine weeks for nature boyz Mochi.

Mochi’s versatile high can be surprisingly valuable for medical cannabis patients. The zoned-in thinking that comes with its onset can help those with ADD to concentrate on one task at a time. Additionally, its general euphoria may temporarily distract from the difficult symptoms of stress, depression, and even anxiety.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data

Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 16-22%
CBD: <1%


It first blossomed under the care of Paradise Seeds, with its parents strains currently shrouded in mystery.

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