Angel Cake


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Angel Cake

Angel Cae, Effects: Creativity, inspiration, imagination

May Relieve: Anxiety, stress, depression, appetite loss, insomnia

Angel Cake is a sweet tooth’s dream, with a distinctive fruity flavor and packed with a promising level of THC. Its euphoric capabilities and boost in mental capabilities are what the strain is best known for. Angel Cake is believed to relieve loss of appetite and encouraging tons of creativity. Allow this review about Angel Cake to get you up to speed on how to know where the strain originated from, the appearance of the strain, down to medical benefits. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Wha Angel Exactly is the Cake Marijuana Strain?

Angel Cake is truly like no other stain in the cannabis game. Angel Cake is an organic, indica leaning hybrid strain created through the cross of the legendary Fire OG Kush and renowned Forum Girl Scout Cookies with a max. level of 23% THC. Bred in Afghanistan and Africa, Angel Cake is grown in Northern California and has been shown to have rich THC content. Because of Angel Cakes’ well-above-average concentration of Myrcene, the strain lives up to its parent’s concentration measurements. The amount of THC within this strain makes other typical THC concentration levels within other strains look like small fries. It’s parent strain, Fire OG Kush originates from infamous OG Kush, widely known as a veteran strain and as written in the name-’OG’ Kush, making it one of the most popular original strains. with THC levels of 27%.And we can’t forget about Angel Cakes equally popular parent strain, Forum Girl Scout Cookies, which gives Angel Cake the candied flavor that so many consumers adore.


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