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To begin with,Nerds Mario Carts .Secondly ,but exactly how we talk about and buy vape carts is still pretty basic. We don’t have any of the vocabulary that flower aficionados have, let alone what a wine or cigar aficionado is expect to know.

If vape carts are going to dominate, how we scrutinize them is going to have to evolve.

In addition ,we talked to some market-leading hardware specialists as well as oil and cart makers to better understand how to buy and review vaporizer cartridges. stoner stop shop presents our findings as a series of questions for your budtender. Chances are, your budtender won’t be able to answer half of these questions, and that should set off red flags. The more they can answer, the better off you probably are.

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There’s a lot of ways to get cannabis oil. Liquid butane and liquid carbon dioxide are the most popular. Steam distillation and heat-pressing are more exotic. Each has its pros and cons. The main thing experts are looking for is aroma.

Did you take out the terpenes? Did you add them back in? Or did you add non-cannabis terpenes? Did you add any other flavors or additives? 

The best carts contain pure, “full-spectrum” cannabis oil with all the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes intact.

Chemistry, a leading vape cart brand in California, uses steam distillation to capture batch- and strain-specific terpenes. It adds the terpenes back later in the extraction. The best extracts pull out everything bad—chlorophyll, fats, and waxes—and leaves just the cannabinoids and terpenes. You want full spectrum cannabis oil, not some pure-THC distillate.

“You can’t mess with Mother Nature. She spent millions of years perfectly this bouquet of cannabinoids. To think you can use some artificial terpenes and compound this in a way that completely mimics a strain is not possible,” said Chemistry founder Trevar Mazza.

Vape carts are starting to get more fake flavorings and additives, too. No one knows the long-term health consequences of inhaling random flavorings or fillers like propylene glycol (PG) or polyethelyne glycol (PEG).

“That’s the first thing I would look for,” said Mazza. Chemistry oil contains no additives. “PG and PEG are the worst filling agents.


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